Thanksgiving with a side of Sweet Potato

Thanksgiving with a Side of Sweet Potato

On a cold November evening a young and underweight Appaloosa mare was discovered running at large in McHenry County.  Unkempt and covered in rain rot, the helpless filly also seemed to have a problem walking on one of her back legs.  Sweet Potato had been abandoned and now had nowhere to turn. 



Trusting as could be, neighbors were able to coral the little horse without difficulty.  Estimated to be only two years old and in need of help, HAHS was able to take Sweet Potato in.  She is currently residing at a foster home where she can be cared for and loved on every day. 

Since then, x-rays have established that she has a large amount of arthritis in her left hind leg, leaving little hope for any future as a riding horse.  However, Sweet Potato should be comfortable enough to lead a fulfilling life as a pasture mate to another horse.  She has been very gentle and easy to handle from the get go and gets along well with everyone she meets.