Third Time's the Charm

Third Time's the Charm

Every horse that comes to HAHS is given a 2nd chance at a new life, a life full of care, love and understanding.  Every now and then we come across horses waiting for their 3rd chance.  The stories of Charlie and Flynn are two such rescues.  

Charlie BeforeBefore
Charlie, a 22 year old blind gelding, stepped off a trailer and on to the HAHS property on a warm summer afternoon.  Charlie had been relinquished to HAHS 10 days earlier after an ongoing investigation proved that his owner was unable to provide for him. 

His owner told us that she had found him near St. Louis a few months before, neglected, abused and in need of a new home.  Though the woman knew very little about horses she thought that she could help Charlie.  She proceeded to take him home with her. 

Soon after Charlie arrived at his new home, his owner began to realize that she had no idea how to care for a horse like Charlie, especially one without eyesight.  Not knowing any better, she turned Charlie out, lead rope still attached, into a paddock full of debris, including old cars, metal grates and many other sharp objects - a cruel joke for a blind horse.  He was thrown a pile of straw quality hay and left to his own devices.  Though he was given a small amount of grain every now and then, the owner could not afford to give him the amount of nutrition he needed.

Charlie spent the next few months fighting to survive by eating the meager rations he was provided with.  Even the small amount of grain he was fed could not be processed properly as his teeth were so sharp that he could barely chew.  His owner could not afford fly spray, leaving the flies to constantly swarm his malnourished body.  His body was also covered in a fungus so terrible that by the time he was under the care of HAHS his mane was literally falling out.    

Once Charlie's new owner agreed to relinquish him our investigator arrived with her trailer to pick him up.  She reported that "he practically jumped right into the trailer".  He behaved like a gentleman as if he knew a better life was yet ahead of him. 

After Charlie was removed from the property he spent his next days under the watchful care of one of our Approved Humane Investigators.  Following some much needed rehabilitation, Charlie was able to make the long trip to HAHS. 

Charlie AfterCharlie has since proved to be a wonderful and kind hearted horse.  His mane is growing back and his weight improves every day.  He is very gentle and extremely trusting.  He loves his baths and grooming time.  He is patiently waiting for adoption and is currently housed in a debris-free paddock where he can easily locate everything that he needs. 

Today, Flynn, a 4 year old Quarter Horse gelding, frolics through the pastures with his new friends.  He is healthy and happy.  By looking at him you would never know that up until a few months ago he spent every day in misery. 

The early stages of Flynn's life were far from humane or nurturing.  In fact, his owner told us that Flynn had been used in many dangerous and illegal backyard rodeos.  Flynn had also been involved in the illegal activity of "horse tripping".  His owner told us that he had tried to rescue him from that cruel fate by purchasing him and giving him a home with the other horses that he owned. 

Unfortunately, this was not the place best suited for a horse like Flynn.  DamagedFlynn arriving at HAHS emotionally and physically from his earlier abuse, he was not able to make the transition to this new life.  Now he was turned out with two mature stallions that constantly attacked him and ate any food that was available.  He had gone from being mistreated by humans to being mistreated by his own kind.

To make matters worse, Flynn's new owner did not live on the property to care for and feed the horses.  He lived about 2 hours away.  The owner felt that separating the horses was not an option so Flynn quickly began to lose weight.  

Flynn was so distraught and stressed over his new situation that he began to crib on everything in sight, including the metal fencing surrounding his paddock.  His teeth slowly started to wear away.  

After working with Flynn's owner for some time it was apparent that he was not willing or able to give Flynn the individualized care that he needed.  At that point our investigators on the case told the owner that it would be in Flynn's best interest to be relinquished right away.  Following some persuasive discussions, the owner finally agreed to relinquish him on August 21st. 

Flynn was removed from the property on the spot, lest the owner change his mind.  Flynn arrived at HAHS a few hours later in the pouring rain.  He was escorted into a warm and dry stall with plentiful hay. 

Flynn thriving after rehabSince his arrival, Flynn has made a wonderful recovery.  His cribbing habits have all but disappeared and he gets along perfectly with the friendly horses that he now lives with while awaiting adoption.  Flynn will not be tormented ever again, by neither horse nor man.