Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys

Tinkerbelle and the Lost Boys

In early July, early in the morning an abandoned horse was located in a southernTinkerbell suburb of Chicago. Local police and animal control officers were called but by the time the trailer unit arrived the horse had been taken by someone else who wanted to sell it. Following a tip the, first abandoned and then stolen horse, was located nearby. There a totally emaciated mare was found as well. This older mare had nothing more than stretched skin over bones when discovered. She had been starving to death. Gentle and kind she quickly bonded with the abandoned approx. 19 year old gelding who had wounds all over his body, both eyes swollen shut and his fetlocks were severely dropped. The treatment he endured being led around tied to a truck was certainly animal cruelty. Because of his gentle nature he was named Peter Pan.Peter Pan Frantic the next morning not being able to see, caretakers attached small bells to the mare's tail so the gelding could hear her. He calmed and stayed close to the mare that quickly became known as Tinkerbell.  
Over the next couple of days, Tinkerbell struggled to survive. Six days after impoundment she went down and was unable to find the strength to  get up. She had a strong will to live, but her body was far too gone. The vet decided it was time to end her suffering. NRufio's footow Peter Pan alone again was lost without Tinkerbell.
Another call about an abandoned horse came in. This boy was much younger, about 9 years old and severely mistreated he could barely walk on three legs. He was a victim of being tethered out. He also had open wounds from a halter that was so tight, it was cutting into his flesh. A little more assertive than Peter Pan, he was named Rufio.

Both horses, Rufio and Peter Pan came to HAHS to be rehabilitated and in the hopes of finding a forever home. Rufio's legs are healedRufio's happy, standing in his pasture with his friend Peter Pan nearby. Both horses no longer have to be exposed to the mis-treatment they endured for apparently way too long. With routine care oPeter Pan f their wounds, proper feeding and hoofcare, an open pasture with shelter from the elements and most of all grooming and endless attention and love, they both are getting better every day.