Posted: 6/25/2008

The donkeys are improving more slowly than the rest. All six of them had immediate farrier care on arrival at the HAHS farm. Five of the donkeys are able to be turned out in a pasture during the day.  Dixie's feet still cause her a lot of pain and it will be a long road to recovery for her. Just back from the Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison Vet Clinic she can actually stand again in her own grassy turnout where she can be as comfortable as possible. Her feet require trimming every three weeks and continuous monitoring so that she does not relapse into the horrible condition her feet were in.
The horses are doing quite well here at HAHS. They are enjoying the sunshine and grassy pastures that they had been deprived of for so long. Some are still tentative with people but are slowly getting used to proper handling. Unfortunately so far, a court has awarded custody of 4 of the horses back to the owner, who has yet to come forward and arrange for pick-up and payment of the necessary coggins tests as well as board. The offenders next court date is set for July 18th.
The goats are improving steadily too. They had their feet trimmed and were treated for lice.
They are extremely friendly and wait for visitors to greet them at their pen gate.

We hope that the remainder of the animals will be forfeited to HAHS shortly so that we can complete adoptions to homes where these animals will be properly cared for and loved as they all deserve.