Memorials, Gifts,Tributes and Honors

Each issue of our quarterly newsletter, Hoofprints,  contains touching stories of a special person or animal. Some people want to honor the first horse they ever rode others want to memorialize their own horse that may have just passed away. There are even mentions of births (both human and animal), weddings, and other special occasions. Friends of HAHS around the country have received special tribute for speaking about animal health and welfare, rescuing an abused or neglected animal, or assisting in some other way. We ask that text be limited to 100 words so that we can include everyone that sends in a memorial donation.

Memorial Bricks may be purchased and will  be used to replace the gravel in the HAHS Memorial Garden.  They are available in two sizes and may be personalized by filling out & sending in this form:  Memorial Bricks PDF  

Memorials, Gifts, Tributes and Honorariums will be acknowledged by mail and will also be published in our Hoofprints magazine as long as you provide the HAHS office with the relevant information and photo for publication. (Mail photos to HAHS or email them to and be sure to reference Gift, Honorarium, Tribute or Memorial in the subject line).

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*If you wish to add any additional information to the online form, please e-mail HAHS at & put "online donation" in the subject line.  Thank you!