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February 2018

  • HAHS Highlighted by University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Posted: 2/7/2018
    The University of Wisconsin - Madison has chosen HAHS as their featured shelter of the month! Check out their post below! :

    Our highlighted shelter for the month of February is the Hooved Animal Humane Society. Located in Northern Illinois, HAHS is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1971 by concerned and committed citizens. It is HAHS? mission to promote the humane treatment of hooved animals through education, legislation, investigation and if necessary, legal intervention.. Find out more about them on

    On February 17th, SVM will host the Equine Health and Wellness Symposium Fundraiser. Equine conference based in Madison with topics covering imaging, emergency preparedness, alternative medicine, farrier care and common disease. All funds raised will benefit HAHS! More information at

    HAHS Wish List:
    CLEAN, used tack in GOOD CONDITION that you no longer need**
    5 Muck Buckets
    5 Heated Buckets
    10 New Sinking Tank Heaters
    5 Pasture Feeders
    Clumping Cat litter
    Pig Toys
    2 Rakes
    4 Scoop Shovels
    Nutrena Pro Force feed for Seniors
    Farm & Fleet Gift Cards
    Copy paper
    Cutter or Off repellant
    De-wormers (Ivermectin, Quest or Strongid)
    Digging spades, shovels
    Gator preferably 4 wheel drive with dump
    Break away horse sized halters
    Plastic manure forks
    Salt/mineral blocks
    Shavings (bagged)
    Small bottles of water
    Skid steer with tracks and auger in good condition
  • Strangles at HAHS
    Posted: 2/2/2018
    Strangles at HAHS (Equine Distemper) The Hooved Animal Humane Society (HAHS) has placed itself on a 30-day quarantine because one of our horses has tested positive for Strangles. We were surprised at the positive test result because we have not taken in any new horses in close to a year. We did, however, host an open house here on January 21, 2018, which may have exposed us to the infection. Our horse began to show signs of Strangles on Monday, January 29, 2018. If you were at the open house, or know anyone who was, please check your animals for any clinical signs of a Strangles infection and take appropriate medical action. We are working closely with our veterinarians to ensure that all of the proper contagion protocols are in place. Accordingly, we will be closed to visitors, including volunteers, for at least 30 days. Thank you.