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January 2016

  • 14 Rescue Miniature Horses in Need of Support
    Posted: 1/14/2016
    Early December 2015, HAHS rescued 14 miniature horses who were in desperate need of help. HAHS received a phone call about the deteriorating conditions of these minis and mobilized to help them. One owner had suddenly died, and the other had serious health problems preventing continued care of them. HAHS staff and investigators traveled several hours south with a large trailer and discovered 14 miniature horses in need of immediate farrier care. HAHS immediately took eight of the most critical cases and brought them back to HAHS to begin rehabilitation. The next week, HAHS returned to rescue the remaining six miniature horses. They too were loaded onto the trailer and brought to HAHS, where they, like the other eight, received farrier care and a veterinary exam including blood work. Some of the ponies with very long hooves also received x-rays before the farrier could start with corrective trimmings. Our vet also checked their teeth and noted that they all are in need of dental care.

    They have all been making great progress and all seem to be walking more comfortably. Most of the minis will have to undergo several more treatments by the farrier before their hooves, leg muscles and bones have healed and returned to normal, however, their prognosis is excellent!

    With such a large rescue, our initial intake costs are extremely high. The farrier charges $60/pony for their first corrective trim and several trims will be necessary to restore their hooves to a healthy condition. A dental treatment (with sedation) is $175/pony. Blood work and a coggins test is $35/pony. With all this in mind, it costs HAHS $270/pony just for initial intake and care! Our total cost to initially triage the 14 ponies and geld the one stallion totals $4,080. This does not even take into condiseration the cost of stabling and feed.

    Some of the ponies have long feet, but with corrective trimmings, will recover quite well. Others, like the stallion, have a long road ahead of them with a slow recovery process.
    All fourteen ponies are curious and friendly, although some of them are nervous about being handled. We are excited to continue working with them and gain their trust!

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