Despite HAHS’ efforts to prevent abuse and neglect of hooved animals through education and advocacy, abuse and neglect continue to occur at alarming rates.

Through the phone calls and emails of concerned and compassionate people, we areIndigo made aware of possible humane cases within the State of Illinois. Our group of approved investigators do all that is possible within the law to make situations better for the animals involved. Sometimes this means educating the owners on how to properly feed and care for large animals; other times it means getting an approval from the Illinois Department of Agriculture to take the animals to our farm where we can provide them with the proper care.

If you suspect that someone in your area is abusing or neglecting animals or if you are driving through the countryside and come across something that just does not look right, please call us at 815-337-5563 or send an email to  Please note that we cannot investigate facebook complaints without contact information of someone who has first hand knowlege of the situation.