Video of our adoptable horses can be found on YouTube - click HERE to watch!

To ensure the continuance of our mission, all of our rescues will become available for adoption, once evaluated and rehabilitated, based on each individual's need. Every one of them is, or will be looking for a loving, forever home. We want to make sure that these forever homes are just as special as the animals themselves.

Our adoption fees are reasonable to cover some of the medical expenses and boarding costs incurred while on the HAHS farm. Adoption fees may vary by horse based on their age, health, soundness, and manners, both on the ground and under saddle.  Typically, our adoption fees range from $400-$1500 per horse.

If you think you might want to adopt one of our animals, please read through our online Adoption Criteria. If you meet these guidelines, the next step is to print out an icon Adoption Application and a icon Release Waiver,  complete them, and mail or fax it to our office. You can also apply online by clicking here.

If you are interested in adopting a riding horse, you will need to fill out an additonal rideable horse questionnaire.

If you are looking for a horse and are  uncertain of which one might suit your needs, we ask that you please call the HAHS office 815-337-5563.

Videos of our horses can be found on YouTube: 

Click for HAHS Youtube Channel  

Once we have received your application and discussed which animal is best suited for you, we will set up a time for you to come to the farm and meet the animal you are interested in! If you are interested in a riding horse, there are a few more steps to follow including a riding visit at a local farm. From there, an investigator will set up a time with youFelix and White Hox to drop by and inspect your facility or the boarding facility where you intend to keep your animal, we run a background check and farrier/vet reference check. If everything checks out, we then send you and your new animal home to get to know each other!

Periodically, we'll call and stop by with an appointment, to see how you and your new companion are doing. Of course, we would love you to send us pictures and letters too! We love to hear what horses from the HAHS farm are up to.