Wills, Trusts and Endowments

Become a HAHS Legacy Member


The HAHS Legacy Membership is a permanent membership for individuals who chose to grant a special gift to the Hooved Animal Humane Society through a will or estate planning.

For more than forty years, the HAHS mission has been to reduce domestic hooved animal abuse through education, legislation, investigation and intervention. We rescue those in need of freedom from abuse and neglect while providing food, medical attention and rehabilitative management to meet the needs of each animal. Through the efforts of the HAHS staff, veterinarians, trainers, and our wonderful volunteers, we seek a safe, loving new home for all we rescue. For those who are too injured, old or frail to be placed, we provide a home forever at the HAHS farm in Woodstock, Illinois.

We constantly monitor and add our voice to issues of animal abuse legislation throughout the United States. HAHS is recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

HAHS is committed to continuing our mission and our legacy of rescue and rehabilitative practices. Please consider a special gift as your personal legacy to the mission of saving animals from abuse and neglect.  





Bequests are tremendously important to assure the Society's future as a provider of humane care for hooved animals, both in the state of Illinois and throughout the United States. Bequests include a sum of money, a deferred gift, a gift of real estate, a gift of residuary estate, an endowment and other types.

Whenever a donor discloses a provision in his or her will for the Hooved Animal Humane Society, the Society can consider this expectancy in its long range planning. Donors are encouraged to put a copy of the relevant will on file with the Society at its Woodstock, Illinois office. A person can indicate a specific bequest to the Society or bequeath a percentage of the residual of their estate.

A benefactor of the Society can also bequeath a farm or residence to the Society and retain life estate. An individual can obtain a current income tax deduction by making a charitable gift of a personal residence or farm while retaining the right to occupy the residence or operate the farm for the duration of his or her life. In this way, people may donate significant gifts without interrupting their lifestyles. For gifts of farms, the donor need not reside on the farm nor be personally engaged in farming. A donor may also choose to make an outright gift of a residence or farm which would provide immediate benefits in helping the Society achieve its mission.

All bequests and gifts to the Hooved Animal Humane Society are deductible from the donor's adjusted gross estate, thus reducing estate taxes. For further information on how you can help with your long term plans, please contact an Attorney familiar with estate planning.