Board of Trustees

Gene Andersen

Gene has been associated with HAHS for over two decades and
contributed in countless ways. Mrs. Andersen founded the HAHS Auxilliary to
raise funds for the purchase of the current HAHS Woodstock Farm and co-chaired the first Gala Benefit in 1999.
Gene and her husband John (Emeritus Board Member) have vast horse experience, having raised, trained and shown horses for over 50 years. They have adopted three horses from HAHS. Gene and her husband John participated in a HAHS rescue of a large herd of horses in Martinton, Illinois. Gene joined the HAHS Board of Trustees in 2002 and is presently the acting Vice Chair. 


Janice Klich, M.D.

Janice has years of horse and related farm experience. She has devoted enormous amounts of time, energy and expertise to fulfill the HAHS mission. In addition to her humane work at HAHS, she owns and operates a farm that many adopted horses, dogs and numerous other small animals call home. Dr. Klich has adopted several horses and pigs from HAHS over the years. She has been an active member of the Continuing Board since 1999, a member of the regular Board of Trustees since 1995 and is presently Chair of HAHS. 


Fran Snow

Fran, a former Chicago banking executive and life-long horse owner and competitor, is a welcome member of the Board of Trustees. A long-time HAHS volunteer, staff member and supporter, she brings with her a wealth of horse knowledge and experience with HAHS' events. Currently Fran is our acting Treasurer at HAHS.


Hillary Clark, BA.    

Hillary has a long-standing affiliation with HAHS, since 2005, in fact.  She has a degree in Equine Studies and started her career with HAHS as a summer intern. Upon graduation, she became a HAHS employee and team member, and eventually transitioned into a full-time Program Director.  Hillary was also licensed as an Approved Humane and Equine Investigator with HAHS and managed our investigations program during her time here.  Hillary has taken her skills and interests in investigations and law enforcement to a new level - - she is now a Chicago Police Officer. Her interest in justice and equines, as well as her vast experience with all levels of HAHS makes her uniquely qualified as a HAHS Board Member.


Jane Renee Lund, DVM, MS, MBA.

Dr. Lund began her undergraduate career in Minneapolis, then moved to California to be a working student at a French Dressage barn, and completed her undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.  She then attended the University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine, and received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, as well as a Master’s of Science in Comparative Biomedical Science.  After graduation, Dr. Lund completed a yearlong internship at Arizona Equine and Medical Surgical Center.   She then worked in Maine at a seven-doctor mixed practice, doing primarily equine work for two years.  From 2010-16, Dr. Lund has been teaching and has been the primary veterinarian for a veterinary technology program full-time.  During that time, she worked part-time as an equine veterinarian, and then as a small-animal emergency veterinarian. She was recently accepted as a radiology resident at the University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine, a position which will last 3 years.  Dr. Lund is also in the Army Reserves and has donated her services to HAHS animals along with the U.S. Army's 719th Medical Battalion.    


Gigi Iacovelli 

As a strong believer in making the world a better place for horses and the humans who love them, Gigi joined the HAHS team in 2014 as a trainer and in 2019 as a trustee on the board. Before devoting her career to horses, she worked in the financial services industry as an analyst and account manager. Gigi currently resides in Barrington Hills, Illinois.