What is EOTRH by J.R. Lund, DVM., MS, MBA

Posted: 7/1/2020

Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH) is an equine dental disease that the veterinary community and horse owners have recently become more aware of.  During this disease process the roots of the incisors and sometimes the canines resorb, or  basically disolve away.  Some horses will also have calcification of the tissue surrounding the affected teeth. Many horses will exhibit pain with reduced feed intake or reluctance to palpation.  Unfortunately, many older horses are stoic and may hide their pain.  A veterinarian can diagnose EORTH with an oral exam and imaging such as radiographs or computed tomography.  Treatment of EOTRH is with extraction of the affected teeth.  Many horses can have this performed with standing sedation.  Owners are often concerned that their horse may struggle with multiple missing teeth.  The far majority of horses do very well with missing teeth and improve as their pain is eliminated.  Star Tribune was diagnosed with EOTRH and the affected teeth were extracted by Dr Travis Henry, the owner of Midwest Veterinary Dental Services.  Due to Star Tribune’s pain and personality the extractions had to be performed under general anesthesia performed by the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Care Anesthesia Department. Now it is her sister Cassiopeia’s turn!  Cassi’s teeth are actually worse than her sister’s were!  That is why she now needs the surgery.


Computed Tomography image of a horse with EOTRH from University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine Standing Equine CT.