Emergency Pig Rescue

In early March 2018, our investigations department received a panicked call regarding some pigs living inside a tiny horse trailer and not being fed. As a result, the pigs tragically had begun cannibalizing one another. Our caller forwarded us some horrific and gruesome pictures of the inside of the trailer. There were still some pigs alive but they were shaken and weak and it didn’t look likely they would make it through the day.


Despite her best efforts, the Animal Control Officer was unable to obtain a warrant because none of the witnesses would come forward. Therefore, our ability to get on the property was delayed. This gave us all a very sick feeling. We knew every minute mattered to those pigs, yet our hands were tied. We had to leave knowing what was happening in that trailer. Animal Control was going to see if they could return in the morning. Each day painfully passed and we were becoming less and less hopeful that any pigs would survive.


Finally, three days later, when we had thought any chance of saving them had passed, the Animal Control Officer called and said to get ready. The owner was relinquishing the remaining pigs! Two pigs had survived! The HAHS farm was put on alert and everyone rushed to prepare bedding, transportation, food, and vet care. The pigs arrived safely and wasted no time romping through their new home. Oh, and what joy it brought us to see them eat their food! 


The pigs have been named Elso (in honor of our beloved Elsa, who we just lost) and Enzo.  They are getting along tremendously. Now they are  just waiting for the right person to come along and adopt them!