Farm Animal Rescue

In Spring 2017, HAHS was inundated with a series of farm animal rescues and committed to saving 21 different farm animals. Most people associate HAHS with rescuing horses, but we were called upon to rescue these other hooved animals and are happy for the opportunity.


About the Rescues:

Kankakee County
Kankakee County Animal Control initiated two separate criminal investigations into neglect/abuse and impounded a total of three horses and two goats for abuse and neglect:

Apache - 7 year old male horse. This paint gelding came to HAHS with a body score of 5 and very bad teeth. He will need significant dental work and will be put on a re-feeding program.
Dakota Creed - This 4 year old stallion is in dire need of help! He is severely laminitic in his front feet and has bilateral valgas deformity (sits back over haunches to get weight off of his front feet). He will need radiographs, extensive farrier care, dental work, and put on a re-feeding program. Once he is healthy enough to handle the surgery, he will also need to be castrated.
Navajo Joe - this recently gelded horse needs routine care and continued re-feeding to get back to full health.
Comet - this 6-month-old brown male Boer goat will need to be castrated.
U2 - this 9-month-old female Boer goat is white with brown patches and will need routine care.

ABOVE:Dakota Creed at the time of his rescue and initial x-rays of his hoof

BELOW: Apache before his rescue and Apache in rehabilitation at HAHS 



Lake County
Lake County Animal Control also initiated an investigation into abuse and neglect, and reached out to HAHS when they impounded a goat that needed help:

Quinn - this 2.5 year old grey male goat needs routine care.


Boone County
These sheep and mini donkeys came to HAHS through a case of neglect/abuse through Boone County Animal Control:

Jessie - 9 year old female sheep.
Nibbles - 9 year old female sheep. Nibbles has an entropian eye and will need surgery to correct this painful medical condition where her eyelid folds over, allowing her lashes to brush her eye.
Susie - 6 year old mini donkey mare. Susie had long hooves and very bad teeth when she came to HAHS. She was nervous around people, but is starting to warm up to attention!
Dorie - 11 year old mini donkey mare. Dorie also was scared of people and needed hoof, dental, and routine care.


Rescue Assistance
This group of animals in need of help came to HAHS from another animal rescue that did not have the space or funds available to care for them any longer. From this rescue, HAHS took in:

Phineas - 4 year old, castrated male, Vietnamese Potbelly pig. Phineas is a super sweet pig that loves attention, but he is lame on his right hind. He was taken to University of Wisconsin - Madison for a full evaluation and MRI and is currently on antibiotics and Previcox (an anti-inflammatory) to treat a possible vertebrae infection (discospondylitis) and osteoarthritis. Phineas also had his tusks and hooves trimmed, as they were very long.
JR - 5 year old grey male alpaca that needs routine care.
Patrick - 5 year old white male alpaca that needs routine care.
Mini Diesel - 15 year old pony that needs routine care.
Salem - 5 year old male sheep that needs routine care.
Mr. Einstein - 5 year old male sheep that needs routine care.
Mrs. Einstein - 5 year old female sheep that needs routine care.
Michelangelo - 5 year old tan male pygmy goat that needs routine care.
Lily - 5 year old female white pygmy goat that needs routine care.


Caledonia Cows
A private organization reached out to HAHS when these cows needed help. Although HAHS has not had cows in the past, we are dedicated to any hooved animal that may need help:

Henrietta (Henri for short) - this mother cow will need routine care and surprised us all by being pregnant with a calf on the way!
Hope - the baby of Henrietta, this little gal will need routine care.