South Dakota Mustangs

South Dakota Mustangs
On a dark and windy Saturday night in October 2016, six mustangs arrived at HAHS from a mustang sanctuary in South Dakota that, due to hay shortages, were looking for assistance. After having made such a long journey, the six mustangs spent most of the next day eating hay and sleeping. The mustangs included:

Thunder - a three year old palomino gelding that is sweet and friendly, but only somewhat halter trained.

Lightning - a three year old bay mare that had puss leaking out of her ear due to a possible cyst or impacted tooth.

Twister - a bay three year old gelding that is friendly, but hard to catch and work with.

From Left: Carlito, Litte Red, and Ginger Snap take a nap together their first day at HAHS

Ginger Snap - a 6 month old chestnut filly with pneumonia that was in need of veterinary and farrier care.

Little Red - a 5 month old chestnut colt with a birth defect that caused his tendons to contract his foot. Little Red needs surgery to correct his hooves and needs castration surgery because he is a bilateral crypt orchid. Additionally, Red is fighting pneumonia.

Carlito - a 9 month old chestnut gelding with two hind white socks that is friendly and is need of more handling, veterinary, and farrier care.

 Thunder is one of three older mustangs that will need continued handling and training

All six of these mustangs are getting the care they need and have a bright future ahead of them! Special thanks to all of our donors who contributed funds through our fundraiser to make the transport and rehabilitation of these six mustangs a success!