Diego and Miss Bee

In May 2016, a gentle chestnut Arabian gelding named Diego arrived at HAHS in need of help. Diego had been found wandering loose by a local animal rescue. The owner was eventually tracked down and Diego was relinquished into their care. Diego came to HAHS about two weeks later because the local animal rescue did not have the proper resources to care for him. Upon arrival, Diego was showing signs of lameness in his left front leg and a veterinarian was called immediately to examine him. Our veterinarian discovered a nail that had been in his foot for several weeks and was causing him much pain and discomfort. The hoof was x-rayed, the nail was safely pulled, and Diego was treated with antibiotics. Within a few days, he was already feeling much better! Diego also was put on a re-feeding program and also starting on medication to help with Cushing's Disease. Diego is very well behaved and loves attention - once he is fully recovered, we know someone will fall in love with him!

 Diego Intake Photo

Miss Bee
May continued to keep HAHS staff busy when a local animal control called HAHS looking for assistance to take in a Standardbred mare with severely overgrown hooves in need of help. Miss Bee is a big, beautiful bay Standardbred mare that was being fed, but was otherwise left in an uncleaned enclosure inside a barn and had not had her feet trimmed in a very long time! The manure had built up so high that she was chewing on the wooden rafters in the barn and the fencing had to be cut in order to get her outside. Although initially very scared and defensive, Miss Bee soon warmed up to attention with gentle handling and love. She is a sweet mare that will have a long recovery ahead of her, but her hooves are now finally being taken care of properly now that she is at HAHS and we look forward to helping her with her recovery.

 Above: Miss Bee getting on the trailer to come to HAHS (note her very long hooves)

Below: Where Miss Bee had been living 24/7 before her rescue