ASPCA Rescue

ASPCA Rescue
On April 4, 2016 HAHS assisted the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) by taking in six rescue horses from a large scale seizure in North Carolina. The six horses were rescued in December of 2015 and were transferred to HAHS once they were healthy enough to travel. They will be completing their re-feeding program and recovery here at HAHS.

Caspian, Flicka, and Coppertone are on a regular feeding schedule of hay and grain twice daily. Flicka and Caspian are both very young and somewhat nervous about being handled, but we know with time and training they will make great horses! We cannot wait to watch them grow and mature. Coppertone came to HAHS as a recently gelded stallion with a healing hind leg injury and a hoof abcess. Coppertone is very nervous about being handled and will need a lot of time and patience to get him used to being handled.

Sweet Pea is an older mare with choke problems, so she cannot eat hay. Sweet Pea is on three daily meals of equine senior grain and alfalfa pellet mash. Sweet Pea is somewhat nervous as well, but is a sweet mare that loves her meals!

The last mare from the ASPCA is a dark bay mare named Candy that came to HAHS with a two week old foal. Candy and her foal, Cane, are kept in a separate stall and pasture. Candy is on a re-feeding program of three daily feedings to help her maintain and hopefully even gain weight while nursing. Candy is a sweet mare that is good to handle and she is a great mom to Cane! Cane is growing fast and learning manners. Cane had to have braces put on his front teeth to correct a severe parrot mouth and now has a bright future ahead of him!

All six warmblood horses have been severely neglected in their past and are nervous around people as a result. We know with care and patience all of these wonderful horses will make excellent recoveries!

 Candy and her foal, Cane a few days after arriving at HAHS