July Rescue

July Rescue 

In early July 2015, HAHS staff was called by Kankakee Animal Control to help take in two horses in desperate need of help. HAHS staff members drove down immediately to meet animal control at the property where the two horses were located. Walking to the back of the house, HAHS members discovered two mares. One mare, an emaciated chestnut, was tied to a log in the yard. While the other mare, a thin paint in better condition, was loose. Kankakee Animal Control discovered the property when neighbors called in to complain about the loose horses.

Upon their arrival at HAHS, both mares were in desperate need of care and a specialized re-feeding program

Despite the grass in the yard, the chestnut mare was uninterested and dull. Knowing that the chestnut needed immediate help, paperwork was signed to relinquish the horses to HAHS. When not tied out on the grass, the mares lived in a dirt lot with no shelter and since the owner could not afford to feed them, they often went hungry. Despite her hunger, the paint mare ignored the grain and proved very difficult to catch. Once HAHS had both horses in hand, they were loaded onto the trailer and taken back to the HAHS farm, where the vet was waiting to meet them.

The bay mare, Gisele, was given the lowest body score possible - a one. Giselle was little more than bones and was very dull and dehydrated. Examination of her discovered that she had a lip tattoo - which means she was a Thoroughbred racehorse and raced on the track at one time. The paint mare, Remi, was nervous about being handled, but started to settle in once she realized how gentle everyone was. Remi was in better shape and given a body score of 4.

A few weeks into her recovery, Gisele was still very thin and recovering more slowly than usual due to her miscarriage.

Only 3 days into her recovery, Gisele was rushed to Kendall Road Equine Hospital where she, sadly, aborted a 4 month old foal. Being as weak and thin as she was, she was unable to sustain a foal and if she would have carried the foal to foal term, it may have killed her. Luckily, Gisele recovered well with the help of some antibiotics and specialized care and returned to HAHS to continue her recovery.

Gisele proved she is a well trained mare that is very sweet and kind. Gisele has been adopted to a loving, forever home after making a full recovery!

Remi is a beautiful paint mare that is currently in training and making great progress!