Rescue of a General

Rescue of a General 

General Lee came to HAHS in the winter of 2014 when he was found wandering loose in Lee County, IL. General Lee was taken back to HAHS for a 10 ten stray hold. If no one claimed him, he would stay at HAHS. A vet looked at him and estimated his age to be around 30 years old, and a stallion.

When General Lee arrived at HAHS he was in poor conditon

No owner came forward to claim him. At first, General Lee was similar to many rescues that HAHS helps because he needed dental care, food and medical assistance to help him with his recovery. Not long after he was rescued, however, General Lee came down with severe diarrhea and a rare condition called paraphimosis, which required emergency transport to the University of Wisconsin, Madison Veterinary Hospital for treatment and eventual surgery.

Paraphimosis is the inability of the horse to retract its penis into the preputial cavity. When left untreated, paraphimosis can lead to edema and excessive swelling. In long-standing cases, the weight of the prolapsed penis can damage the internal pudendal nerves resulting in permanent penile paralysis. In General Lee's case, a HAHS staff member was able to recognize the severity of the situation, and contacted a veterinarian, who diagnosed an immediate need for surgery and transport to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. General Lee's condition required near complete amputation of the penis. During the surgery, the doctors also castrated him. Although he is quite a bit altered, he is expected to make a full recovery.

General Lee's treatment was unavoidable, yet costly. He was monitored in a hospital setting for 16 days, with unsuccessful daily attempts to resolve the matter. General Lee received specialized care for his paraphismosis which resulted in a near complete amputation of the penis as well as castration. After 16 days, General Lee was fit to go back home to HAHS.

General Lee is now the picture of health and loves spending time out in the field

Since his ordeal, General Lee has recovered amazingly! His diarrhea cleared up and he gained weight rapidly. His coat became glossy and he was soon enjoying running around the field! General Lee is a sweet gelding that is good to work with and loves attention.