Three Brothers

Three Brothers

Once upon a time there were three brothers. Not brothers by blood, but brothers by bond. Buckwheat, Pierce, and Hidalgo all enjoyed spending their time together on their farm in southern Illinois. But terrible things were on the horizon. One night, the three brothers woke up to blazing flames burning their barn down to ashes. Without any shelter, the three brothers made due with the remaining pasture. As the season changed, however, the grass turned into mud and the three brothers found it harder and harder to find food and water. Their once healthy bodies soon wasted away and turned skeletal. Constant exposure to the elements and poor nutrition turned their once silky coats to dull, rough, scabby, and painful.

Out of the three horses, the paint stallion, Hidalgo, was in the worst shape

Things were looking bad for the three brothers and they had all almost given up, but hope was on the horizon. Concerned neighbors had noticed their plight and animal control investigators travelled out to investigate. The three brothers suddenly knew hope. The animal control investigators were concerned and truly cared about the troubles that the three brothers had been through. It was not long before a trailer pulled up and one by one, Buckwheat, Pierce, and Hidalgo stepped onto the trailer in the hopes of having a better life. As the trailer pulled away from their home, the three brothers were nervous about the unknown, but hopeful for the future ahead.

The gruella gelding, Buckwehat, and chestnut stallion, Pierce, were both very thin and malnurished.

When the trailer finally stopped and the door opened, the three brothers could not believe their eyes! Green pastures, sparkling water, and a shelter of their very own were waiting for them! They were tired and weak, but the loving hands of the volunteers and staff at HAHS, along with the dedicated work of the farriers and veterinarians soon had them feeling more like themselves! Buckwheat, Pierce, and Hidalgo all agree, they are very grateful that they now have a chance to live happily ever after!

Buckwheat, the gruella gelding, was thin and malnourished, but was the in the best shape of the three. After rehabilitation, he was evaluated under saddle and proved to be a perfect beginner trail horse and was soon adopted out to a loving family. Hidalgo and Pierce were two stallions that were in rough shape. Hidalgo was so thin and he also had hair loss and a chronic skin infection. He was so weak he had trouble walking and we worried if he would be able to recover. Peirce was also thin and weak and had several open wounds and infected sores. Against all odds, the two stallions recovered and got their spirit back. After winning custody of the horses in court, Peirce and Hidalgo were soon gelded and sent for evaluation. To our delight, we discovered that Hidalgo and Pierce are very well trained and are perfect gentlemen in hand and under saddle. Hidalgo has been getting a lot of interest and we are sure he will have a forever home soon! Pierce has a beautiful chestnut coat with striking white features that he likes to show off by running and bucking in the field. Pierce enjoys trail rides with his forever family.

Hidalgo, Buckwheat, and Pierce all recovered beautifully!