Abused Mare

Abused Mare

Not long after Franklin found his way to HAHS, we got a frantic call from a local horsewoman asking for our help in saving a mare from slaughter. Libby is a striking chestnut appendix mare that was well trained and great with people until she was sold to an owner that was abusive. The owner had sold Libby to a kill buyer, but HAHS and the concerned horsewoman were able to save Libby and bring her to the HAHS property. Libby was thin and in major need of dental work. Her old owners said that she was mean and could not be trusted. Not sure what to expect, we put Libby in a stall for the night with plenty of hay and water.

         Libby during her veterinary examination was nervous, but would still prick her ears up for the camera!

The next morning, Libby was friendly and calm in her stall. She did get nervous of the pitch fork when we went to clean, but otherwise did not act out. During her quarantine period, we had both the dentist and veterinarian come out to look her over. Libby was very well behaved with one person in her stall, but grew threatening if two or more people came in. She was also great for the dentist, but did not like being approached with the headrest. This proved that she does not like the pressure of being crowded and most certainty does not like tools such as pitchforks, whips, or even a dental stand.

Deciding that what Libby needed the most was time to just be a horse again, she was turned out into a field with four other mares. To gain her trust, we are going slowly with Libby and limiting our handling of her to catching, grooming, and holding for the vet and farrier. We plan on working with Libby this spring to help her learn that we are not going to hurt her. With time and trust, we are sure Libby will come around and she will no longer have to be afraid of humans.

                           Libby enjoys her time out in the field with the other horses!