Walking Skeleton

Walking Skeleton

Franklin came to HAHS in August 2014 little more than a walking skeleton. A nice family in southern Illinois had been driving home when they looked out their car window and saw a chestnut gelding wandering loose down the road. Concerned with his emaciated condition, they brought him home and called HAHS right away. It was a long drive to pick him up, but HAHS staff drove down that same day to bring him back to HAHS for rehabilitation.

                                               Franklin's First Day at HAHS 

Once at HAHS, Franklin proved himself to be a well-trained gentleman by allowing us to give him many baths and grooming sessions to help clear up the skin fungus that covered much of his body. You see, when animals suffer from malnutrition, they tend to come down with skin infections and poor Franklin was no exception. He was given a body score of 1 and put on a careful refeeding program. Franklin quickly became well-loved because of his gentle nature and his habit of whinnying loudly every time anyone came into the barn. He is currently in foster continuing to gain a fan club from visitors.

                      A view from overhead really shows how bad Franklin's condtion was 

 As of February 2015, Franklin's recovery is almost complete! Once a cribber out of necessity and boredom, Franklin had wore down in front teeth to litte more than nubs. Now that he is getting fed properly, Franklin has competley stopped cribbing and is enjoying his time out in the field!