More Spots on the Farm

 More Spots on the Farm

Evelyn came to HAHS as a 14 year old, 13.2 hands high, Appaloosa mare weighing a mere 535 pounds, as a result of an Illinois Department of Agriculture seizure. Evelyn was rated a 1.5 on the Henneke Body Scoring System, which rates horses on a scale from 1 through 9, with 9 being obese, and 1 being a near death, walking skeleton. Besides her skeletal appearance, Evelyn also had patchy, poor hair and several wounds and skin fungus. Evelyn must have been in a lot of pain. Her hooves were overgrown, splayed, and cracked and made walking difficult. When offered some hay, Evelyn did not want to eat, despite the fact that she was starving. Later examination soon revealed sharp teeth and infected gums that made chewing painful and severe muscle wasting that made swallowing difficult. After removing the two infected molars and allowing the infection to properly drain and heal, Evelyn was soon starting to feel better.


                                         Evelyn upon her arrvial was scared and very thin 

We knew that she had a long, difficult recovery ahead of her; if she were even to survive. But we also knew that she was an Appaloosa, and we knew from previous cases with our other Appaloosa rescues like Freckles, this meant that she had a chance. Something about those spots must give them a fighting spirit to live! We placed her on a strict re-feeding regimen and watched her carefully over the next several days. Although she was still very weak, with her infection under control, she began to eat. At this point, all Evelyn was trying to do was to survive. A few weeks later, however, the spark of Evelyn's true character was starting to shine. She eagerly anticipated her meals, which were given to her in a careful re-feeding program so as to not overload her system and overly stress it. Evelyn also was proving to be a very friendly, inquisitive horse when given the chance. Evelyn's life had been on the brink, but with each feeding and treatment, hope grew.

Now, six months later, Evelyn weighs 782 pounds and has a much healthier hair coat. Her beautiful sorrel and white Appaloosa coloring is starting to show and her eye displays a healthy sparkle. Her sassy Appaloosa personality is coming back too! She has shown herself to be a friendly, people loving horse that always looks forward to meal times! Although she can be pushy at times, we are glad that she has the energy and strength to be pushy in the first place!


                                              Evelyn is now happy and healthy! 

Now that Evelyn has regained the weight she so desperately needed, and is fast on her way to become a healthy horse, she will be turned out in a field with other horses to give her a chance to socialize and build up some muscle. As she progresses, we will continue with her groundwork training until she is ready for work under saddle.