A Rose Among the Thorns

A Rose Among the Thorns

When someone under investigation for animal cruelty and neglect relinquished a horse to HAHS, an investigator agreed to pick up the relinquished horse. Meeting at a public halfway point, our investigator was shocked by the condition in which she first saw the horse. It was pouring down rain at the halfway point and a paint mare was standing in a stock trailer soaking wet and breathing very hard, as if she had just ran a mile at a full gallop. She could see every single bone on her body and even count each vertebra. Her full winter hair coat was mangy and missing patches of hair that went to the skin. The little mare was visibly shaking because of the cold and because she was scared. Despite this, she willingly unloaded and went right on to our investigator's trailer.


                                                     Upon Arrival at HAHS 

Concerned that the mare would not make the trailer ride all the way back to HAHS, the investigator took her to her own barn to have some time to recover from her journey. The veterinarian inspected the mare and rated her a body score of 1 and diagnosed her with heaves and pneumonia. She was so weak and couldn't stop shaking, the veterinarian suggested that humanely euthanizing may be the best option.


                                                         During her Recovery 

The next morning, however, the mare greeted our investigator with a whinny and she knew that it was a sign of hope. She was named Cherokee Rose and we watched as she made great strides in her recovery. Cherokee Rose was moved to HAHS a few days later to complete her recovery and she has been doing very well! Now when you see her out in the pasture, it is hard to imagine that she had ever been in such a terrible situation - she is truly a rose among the thorns! 


                                                         Cherokee Rose After