A Compassionate Rescue

A Compassionate Rescue

There they were, two horses locked in a round pen and left to starve. That is what Kane County Animal Control found when they arrived at the scene. The other horses on the property were being properly cared for and looked healthy and happy. Marius and Cosette, the two unfortunate horses in the round pen, were so malnourished that they were impounded and sent to HAHS for better treatment. The owner is facing charges of violating owner's duties under the Humane Care for Animals Act.

                                   Marius and Cosette Arriving at HAHS 

Both horses were thin, with patchy hair coats. Marius, a large Thoroughbred gelding, seems like he has been ridden before, but he is very jumpy and still nervous around people. Marius prefers to be out with his herd, but has been warming up to human attention. Cosette, a grade mare, had trouble standing for the farrier and would almost fall over. Evaluation found severe osteoarthritis in her left hock that was affecting the way she walked. With careful trimming and treatment, Cosette is now comfortable as a pasture pal. Like Marius, she is skeptical about people and would rather not be caught. However, once you do have her in halter, she warms up to you and thoroughly enjoys the attention. It is clear that both horses were deemed useless by their former owner and were not treated very well. Both Marius and Cosette have proven that with proper care and gentle handling, that they can be sweet and affectionate horses.


                                             Marius is a Georgeous Gelding! 


                                                   Cosette is a Beautiful Mare!