Best Friends for Life

Best Friends for Life

Minnie and Lola are two mares that came to HAHS in the winter of 2013. They were picked up by Kane County Animal Control at an eviction site. The property was in bade shape and already had one deceased horse on it. Minnie and Lola were extremely underweight and had no food to help them survive the winter. Both rated with very low body scores, Minnie was thinner than Lola and rated a 1. Both mares were young and afraid, but they soon adjusted to life at HAHS and started to make their recovery.


Lola Before            Minnie Before 

By summer, both mares had filled out and were looking happy and healthy. Proving to be curious and friendly around people, they quickly became farm favorites. As we worked more and more with Minnie, it became apparent that she was still a little nervous in new situations and would get stressed out easily. Examination of her right eye showed signs of beginning blindness. We continue to work with Minnie and she is very friendly and easy to handle on the ground.

                                                      Minnie After

In 2014, Lola was chosen to be a competitor at the Illinois Horse Fair's Heartland Horseman's Challenge. Along with Jason Forby, Lola was started under saddle and we really got a chance to see how smart she really was! In three days, Jason worked with Lola to train her under saddle while a whole coliseum full of viewers watched. By the end of the third day, Jason was able to ride Lola at the walk, trot, and canter and have her go over tarps and other obstacles with relative ease. He was even able to ride her while pulling a tarp behind her and cracking a bull whip alongside! Lola proved what a brave mare she was and showed how much potential she has as a riding or even competition horse!


                                                          Lola After