A Mother and her Daughter

A Mother and Her Daughter

In August of 2012, a HAHS investigator's diligent work paid off as three relinquished horses pulled up in a trailer at the HAHS property. The investigator had gone out to a property to find severely emaciated horses roaming about; one mare even had a young foal at her side. The conditions were terrible. Other horses on the property had been burned and the investigator could not confirm whether they had been dead or alive when it had happened. 

                                  Ember Before                                                                        Flicker  Before

As they got off the trailer, their condition was shocking. Ember, a young bay mare, was visibly thin with ribs and spine showing - she was given the body score of 2. At her side was a spindly bay filly that was very thin. The filly, Flicker, was estimated to only be 1-2 months old. Flicker had not been getting any milk because her mother was too emaciated to produce anything to feed her daughter. Another young mare, Luna, was also very thin and was rated a body score of 2.

                               Ember and Flicker During Rehab

                                       Ember and Flicker During Rehab

Luna was quickly put on a re-feeding program and recovered very well. The mother and daughter, however, were of more concern. With Flicker refusing to drink the powdered milk we provided, we worried that she would waste away into nothing. Ember must have been determined to be a good mother though. Within a few days of re-feeding, she suddenly started to produce her own milk!

Everyone was overjoyed to finally see Flicker nursing from her mother. After that, both mare and foal continued their steady recovery. We are happy to say that Luna has been adopted out and has proven to be a willing and smart riding horse. Ember has also since been adopted and, although green, has been doing well under saddle. Flicker has grown into a very beautiful young mare that is curious and friendly and loves people. We can't wait to watch her continue to grow - we are sure she will make an excellent riding horse! And the best part? Flicker is almost a spitting image of her mother!


                                 Ember After                                                                       Flicker After