HAHS is going Green!!

Green for the HorsesHAHS members can help the environment which will also help our horses. By substantially reducing our paper, printing and mailing costs we will save on paper, ink, postage and energy. The cost reduction will allow us to focus more funds for the care of our horses and other hoofed animals. The printing and postage cost for the last 4 issues of Hoofprints was $33,837.00. Even if we only reduce a portion of this cost it will help us continue our mission. For those of you who like to hold what you are reading and save educational material as a reference you can always print the E-newsletter.

If you would like to convert your membership to paperless, please email HAHS at info@hahs.org or call the office at 815-337-5563. Please provide your full name and email address. You will begin recieving email communication from HAHS on a regular basis. Your favorite elements will still be there. HAHS will be able to keep you current on the adoptable horses and Hoofpicks. You will be able to help by easily forwarding current adoption information to other horse enthusiasts who may be interested in helping our current adoptees. The HAHS wish list and call for items for the tack shop will come in seperate e-mails. This is another important element you can easily forward to others who may be able to grant some of our wishes.

Email is a quick and easy way to invite you to our events and fundraisers. Urgent information on current legislation and what you can do to help will now come in a timely manner. All the HAHS time sensitive news will be more current.
Of course your email address will never be shared with any other organization or company.